Litige 7″ is out now !

Litige new single is OUT NOW ! So stoked to have these 3 gems finally out. 

Enjoy !

Litige new 7″ + special bundles

I am stoked to announce that the long-awaited new release by the long-time local favorite band Litige is coming out in June ! Woohoo!!

150 limited copies are pressed on transparent turquoise copies (few of them come on clear vinyl and some few others on solid turquoise).

You can preorder your copy HERE or on BANDCAMP

In the case you don’t know them yet (how can this happen ?) what you will get is 3 AMAZING new songs of straight forward and chorused punk rock topped with extremely addictive vocals. I love them since day one and these new songs rip… so happy to have this one out soon. One of France’s most loved DIY punk bands these days. 

Listen to 2 Degrés on the side A here below

In case you didn’t get your copy of the Savak / Contractions split, I made a special priced bundle to get the two last releases at a cheap price.

As I need some space on the shelves, I also made special discount on latest releases (Zone Infinie and Pogy & Les Kefars LPs), I need some space ! So do yourself a favor, be curious and get them now !


SAVAK / CONTRACTIONS split 12″ is almost here !

hey friends

the long-in-the-making 12″ split between France’s Contractions and NYC’ Savak will be out in a month ! So stoked to have this one finally out.

On side A, Savak contributed with 2 amazing brand new songs of deluxe indie rock, still in the vein of the Feelies, Devo or Wire with some great guitar works and vocal hooks. Writing fantastic material has no secret for them. Then, Contractions follows with 2 new bangers, straight forward and addictive but still with that melancholic anger that defines their sound.

Last but not least, side B has a stunning etching that makes this special release look unique and classy

Released in Europe on Echo Canyon and in the US by Peculiar Works. It will be out in April, ready for the Savak’s French tour — Contractions will join them on some shows

April 10 – Wed – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire*
April 11 – Thu – Angers – Le Garage
April 12 – Fri – Laval – La Fosse*
April 13 – Sat – Nantes – Duchesse*
April 14 – Sun – La Rochelle – Crossroad
April 15 – Mon – Limoges – CCM Jean Gagnant
April 16 – Tue – Toulouse – Gloria
April 17 – Wed – Perigueux – Moulin Du Rousseau
April 18 – Thu – Lyon – Trokson
April 19 – Fri – Troyes – The Message
April 20 – Sat – Évreux – Brasserie Spore

*with Contractions

Speaking about SAVAK I will distribute their upcoming album here in Europe / France. Get in touch if you want to get some copies.

You can also order it on the Mailorder page with a special bundle comprising the ir split with Contractions
This new LP is called Flavors Of Paradise, released by Ernest Jenning Record Co. in NYC and it’s a true 5 stars indie post punk album.

Listen to that FANTASTIC song « Will get Fooled Again » below

listen to some more songs here too

Upcoming releases

hi friends !

I’m back on tracks !! No idea why the past months were so quiet… well anyway, let’s talk a little bit about what’s coming up on Echo Canyon for the end of the year and beginning of the next year.

First of all, I realize I didn’t write here in the news section that the Pogy & Les Kefars dans ton retro LP repress was available since February.

Not a big mistake though, I still wonder who still get fresh news reading on the news section of a website. Unless you’re a time traveler and think it’s 2004 ?
Well that LP is a real killer, I love it and it’s been one of my favorite French bands. I still have few copies. Don’t wait before it’s too late… Listen to some songs below if you don’t know them

Also, a new batch of both Daitro‘s Y and Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes will be available again in October. Repressed on colored vinyl and printed inner jacket.

There are some special bundles in the mail-order section

I’m also stoked to announce that I’ll be releasing the next LP of my long time buddy Seb Radix called 1977. It will be a co release with Coolax, Table Basse Records and Musique Rasoire.

Somewhere between punk, power pop and LoFi indie, this third solo LP is by far one of his best release, filled with amazing tracks.
That’s also a very special one because Seb invited some of his friends to play and sing his songs… Mike Watt from the Minutemen / fIREHOSE sings a new version of Ashtray, Andy Kerr from Nomeansno sings SMS, John NO from the Fleshies and Street Eaters sings People, not to mention other talented guests such as his brother Fred, Oli Michel on drums and Alexandra Michel on bass on some songs as well. Can’t wait to have this out… We’ll post some songs very soon and the record should be available in December or so.

OK !
let me know if you read the end of the article, I’d be curious to know who reads this HAHA

all the best


ZONE INFINIE atomisés 12″ is out now !

hi friends

Today is Zone Infinie‘s Atomisés release day !! I’m so stoked to release this 12″ because they’ve been in my top 3 of my favorite French punk bands. The 6 songs cut on this 12″ are absolutely mindlowing and they’re the only band on this planet who can make a Mylene Farmer song sound cool.
Judge by yourself and listen to Génération Désenchantée (even though there are few chances you know who Mylene Farmer is if you’re not French but still… )

Zone Infinie is part of this new wave of French punk bands alongside Syndrome81, Litovsk, Traitre adding a modern touch to their punk influences such as La Souris Déglinguée or Camera Silens to name a few. If you speak French, you probably already have enjoyed the amazing lyrics Skub writes and his unique way of singing them. The guys have a strong and varied musical knowledge too, served by a political and countercultural activism here in Lyon, that make them a very special and talented band. Go to any of their shows to witness how much people love them and how diverse their audience is. Their shows are one of those rare places where punks, hardcore kids, antifa skins and other music afficionados come to feel they’re at the right place.

1000 copies pressed, 300 on a transparent magenta vinyl. This one is coreleased with General Strike in Brittany. 

Also, check the different bundles in the mailorder page  to get the last Echo Canyon releases at a cheap price . Hope you’ll enjoy !!

ZONE INFINIE super special bundle

ZONE INFINIE special bundle

ECHO CANYON fall bundle

new releases !

howdy punx !

Some new releases are here and I’m really stoked about them

First of all, the Daitro Vinyl Collected LP arrived sooner than expected so it is basically out now. 600 copies pressed, 300 here on dolphin blue vinyl and 300 other copies on frankenstein red at Adagio 830 headquarters in Berlin. They look sublime :

Then, something very special has been on the works for the past months : it is a book of collages of my friend Benjamin aka Antipathic called Cancer Money

Back in the days, we used to say that punk was more than music and… HERE IS ITS GRAPHIC VERSION ! Benjamin is like a grand brother to me, he has always been there and I’ve seen him playing in countless bands over the years such as Overmars, VeuveSS, Ayatollah, Commando etc. For a couple years he started to work on collages, using them for record covers (ie the Faux Départ LP !) or contributing to some graphic fanzines. He is a hyperactive member pf the psychedelicopunk fanzine adrazine too.

36 pages of weirdly cut and colored images, being dangerously extatic and singularly complex. No word to read for the most lazy besides the amazing foreword by huguespzzl to practice your french. It’s coming late october, it is called Cancer Money, it looks AMAZING and I’m stoked for this one. Have a look :

Coming up next (in november) is the new Zone Infinie 12″ called Atomisés. I already released a live tape, recorded at our beloved Grrrnd Zero in january 2020. Zone Infinie are from lyon and they’re one of my favorite French punk bands right now. As it is to a lot of people too ! I love their blend of old french punk bands such as the early La Souris Deglinguée records and Camera Silens with a more melodic approach, with unique lyrics (time to practice your French !). My friend Seb once told me they reminded him Amanda Woodward sometimes, which I tend to agree. Their shows are always great, with people singing along lyrics. They have that federative vibe when they play taking the audience with them. I love this band and I love the guys too. It will be available in november and it is coreleased with General Strike ! First copies on pink, then black vinyl.

SAVAK human error / human delight LP

hi friends.

I am stoked to announce that I’ll be distributing the new (and 4th) Savak LP called Human Error / Human Delight !
I am thrilled to do so because the LP is an masterpiece… and I really mean it. 12 songs made of sometimes sunny, sometimes dark atmospheres, incredible hooks, top notch guitar works, amazing basslines, solid and inspired drum patterns and absolutely beautiful vocals and harmonies to make this 4th LP an absolute killer release

Judge by yourself with Recanted on the side B

click HERE to order your order your copy and ENJOY !!


hello friends ! It’s the summer break but I’m STOKED to announce you that I have two upcoming KILLER releases on sept. 15th.

First one will be a tape from my russian friends in St Petersburg FUTURAT, called Incinerat. Fans of heavy fuzz guitars and in-the-red modern garage punk bands in the vein of Metz, Fuzz, Meatbodies or early Nirvana, you really have to check them out. They already released a first tape some years ago and this one is the european release of their second one. It’s loud, it’s saturated with tons of super heavy killer guitar riffs, blastering drums and dark bass. Not to mention Artem’s haunted vocals !! Featuring members of Materic.

150 copies on solid yellow tape.
(Get all the Echo Canyon tape releases with a special cheap bundle HERE )
This is the 40th reference of the label and you can check two songs out now :

Next release is a band you probably never heard of since they only played one local show and they recorded those 8 songs 2 years ago, that almost got lost ! Even though you don’t know Elastic Heads, you all heard of Crocodiles from San Diego and The Horsebites from Lyon so here’s the story : some years ago, Charles from Crocodiles lived in Lyon for some time and wrote these amazing songs. He had the good idea of teaming up with Flo, Antoine and Lester from the Horsebites to play and arrange them. They recorded them, played one show and then Charles moved to Paris so the recording remained on a hard drive, unheard… until Flo played them to me !

Fans of The Wipers or The Estranged or garage death punk (call it how you want), you have to check them out, it’s so good. Those guys really know how to write AMAZING songs !
After a great work on the recording from the talented Bruno Germain who remixed and mastered the recording, and an amazing artwork from Jonatan Florez, this was ready to be sent to the pressing plant and here you go ! 200 copies on transparent red vinyl. Do not miss it !

Listen to some of them below :

Both releases will be out on september 15th but you can preorder them now if you want !!

If you read until there, THANK YOU !!


DAITRO Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes LP repress + CONTRACTIONS / THE HORSEBITES split 12″

hello friends !

I hope everyone is doing fine during these shitty times.

I have 2 upcoming records that are currently at the pressing plant right now, they will be available in january but you can preorder them now if you want to. First is Daitro‘s Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes LP repress, housed in a wonderful gatefold jacket for the first time, with an enveloppe comprised of reproduction of original flyers, inserts and lyrics… the same as the repress in 2017 actually, but in a gatefold jacket.

Next is a 12″ split between Contractions and The Horsebites ! After their well received first LPs, both The Horsebites (the best and most australian indie garage band in Lyon) and Contractions are back together for an exclusive split 12″ !

Records will be on clear vinyl with a 2 color screenprint on side B. And as you probably noticed, the whole thing has been illustrated by Rick Froberg himself and it will look AWESOME !

The record is coreleased with the beloved and always great Dangerhouse Skylab 

So I am very excited for this one.

Also, don’t miss the special bundles with the latest releases I put on the MAILORDER PAGE !

Oh, and I still have some Zone Infinie live at Grrrnd Zero as well ! Don’t miss it, it’s such a great live from an awesome band. The tapes are selling fast so don’t wait too much

more soon !

take care !!


ZONE INFINIE live at Grrrnd Zero cassette

hello friends.

I am stoked to announce you that the next Echo Canyon release is almost there and it’s a very special one : a live cassette from french punx favorite Zone Infinie, recorded in our beloved Grrrnd Zero by Bruno Germain in january 2020 ! This was a benefit show for the collective Justice & Verite for Mehdi : a collective asking for the truth about Mehdi’s death, killed after a car chase by the police on december 10th 2016 in Vénissieux. And more generally against police violences (which is more than never an up-to-date topic to be well aware of).

Back to the music, this release was decided before the pandemic, before punk shows became memories and this live recording is an awesome document for our inspiring local scene that cannot be missed. Zone Infinie (for those who don’t know them yet) is one of the best example of this new wave of french punk with unique vocals, stellar lyrics and heartfelt music. Some people find some Camera Silens inspiration, which is not too far from being true.

Judge by yourself on the link below where you can stream 2 songs (one is unreleased !).

Tapes will be « officially » on sept. 21st but you can preorder them right now if you wantAnd of course, listen to their other releases here

they have an upcoming 12″ on Destructure by the way !