new releases !

howdy punx !

Some new releases are here and I’m really stoked about them

First of all, the Daitro Vinyl Collected LP arrived sooner than expected so it is basically out now. 600 copies pressed, 300 here on dolphin blue vinyl and 300 other copies on frankenstein red at Adagio 830 headquarters in Berlin. They look sublime :

Then, something very special has been on the works for the past months : it is a book of collages of my friend Benjamin aka Antipathic called Cancer Money

Back in the days, we used to say that punk was more than music and… HERE IS ITS GRAPHIC VERSION ! Benjamin is like a grand brother to me, he has always been there and I’ve seen him playing in countless bands over the years such as Overmars, VeuveSS, Ayatollah, Commando etc. For a couple years he started to work on collages, using them for record covers (ie the Faux Départ LP !) or contributing to some graphic fanzines. He is a hyperactive member pf the psychedelicopunk fanzine adrazine too.

36 pages of weirdly cut and colored images, being dangerously extatic and singularly complex. No word to read for the most lazy besides the amazing foreword by huguespzzl to practice your french. It’s coming late october, it is called Cancer Money, it looks AMAZING and I’m stoked for this one. Have a look :

Coming up next (in november) is the new Zone Infinie 12″ called Atomisés. I already released a live tape, recorded at our beloved Grrrnd Zero in january 2020. Zone Infinie are from lyon and they’re one of my favorite French punk bands right now. As it is to a lot of people too ! I love their blend of old french punk bands such as the early La Souris Deglinguée records and Camera Silens with a more melodic approach, with unique lyrics (time to practice your French !). My friend Seb once told me they reminded him Amanda Woodward sometimes, which I tend to agree. Their shows are always great, with people singing along lyrics. They have that federative vibe when they play taking the audience with them. I love this band and I love the guys too. It will be available in november and it is coreleased with General Strike ! First copies on pink, then black vinyl.