After their well received first LPs, both The Horsebites (the most Australian band in Lyon) and Contractions are back together for an exclusive split 12″ ! Expect la crème de la crème of aussie indie garage punk with a slice of indie rock on top of that.

Each band contributes with 2 songs on side A, recorded in early 2020

Also, look at that SICK artwork ! Records will be on clear vinyl with a 2 color screenprint on side B. And as you probably noticed, the whole thing has been illustrated by Rick Froberg himself and it will look AWESOME !

The record is coreleased with the beloved and always great Dangerhouse Skylab 

If you don’t know the Horsebites yet, here are 2 songs from their 1st LP from 2018 « Shadows » on Future Folklore and Dangerhouse Skylab.

And a song from Contractions, from their first LP « Demain Est Annulé » released on Purepainsugar and Adagio830 in 2019

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Poids 290 g

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