SURPRISE ! TORINO new 12″ is out now

Hey friends, I’m stoked and proud to announce you that the unannounced Torino new 12″ called ‘De l’Autre Côté De La Ville’ (the other side of the city) is available now ! This will be their last E.P. since the band is currently on hiatus so get your copy before they’ll be gone for ever.
I can’t be objective with them but you can trust me, this EP is definitely a grower and its magic is hidden in details…

6 new songs on the side A of refreshing french melodic punk rock and a wonderful huge silk screen on the side B… comes with a 2 color printed insert, folded in a cardbord jacket, each copy is hand numbered.

35 copies printed in blue / red and 65 copies in green / dark blue.

(There is a special priced bundle with their split with Zero Gain in case you didn’t get it yet… I have a few copies left.)

listen to it here :

the thing is looking like this :

Meanwhile, I am also working on the repress of ‘un Jour Sans Lendemain’ of Mihai Edrisch to have it out in september ! FINALLY !

cheers !

KINDLING no generation EP is out now !

hey friends, today is the release day of the Kindling‘s No Generation EP. A quick reminder for those who didn’t know yet : Kindling (from Western Massachussetts in the USA) plays the shoegaze you’ve always dreamt of : dynamically layered monolith of towering guitar noise & wistfully hazy vocals, balancing deafening heaviness with a lightness and beauty; a pop sensibility rarely found when the volume and attack ends up this far in the red.

This is an exclusive vinyl release for Europe only, brought to you in collaboration with the amazing Adagio830 once again ! Having members who played in bands such as Ampere, Landing, Ritual Mess or Foreign Objects, you know you’re in good hands…

You can also now stream another song from the EP on, purchase your copy there as well, or on the mailorder section right here as usual is you want to get some other releases. A tape version is also released in the US on Old Frame Records ! 500 copies pressed on solid pink due due to a lucky mistake from the pressing plant… don’t miss it !!


hey friends

Kindling 12″ No Generation is up for preorder !
For some reasons, streaming is delayed but it is coming soon. But trust us, you can’t miss that one ! Another great coreleased with my buddy Robert / Adagio 830 in Berlin.

Let’s remind you that this is an EXCLUSIVE 12″ release for Europe… well, we will of course ship worldwide but still…

Some words about the 12″ :
Kindling is comprised of my good buddies Stephen and Andy who also play in WMass hardcore outfit Ampere, as well as Gretschen (who plays guitar and sings) and Andrew, who plays bass. I can tell you these people have the most solid musical knowledge I know… While it would be easy to compare them to My Bloody Valentine, a closer listen will also led you to find evident traces of Superchunk guitar riffs, Teenage Fanclub and Jesus & Mary Chain melodies to serve a very personnal and unique sound…
They blur they dreamy melodies into a wall of a massive fuzz sounds with a a pop sensibility rarely found when the volume and attack ends up this far in the red.

While they spent a week at Sonelab in rural Easthampton, MA with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth, etc.) to record their first full length Galaxies for the amazing No Idea Records in Florida, they cut 6 extra songs for this euro-only release ! Adagio 830 and Echo Canyon team up one more timeto bring you this amazing EP for you !

Those songs will also be released on tape in the US on Old Flame records !

ALSO, in case you missed it, the Monplaisir demo 12″ is also on preorder as well ! And both records will be out in the same time by the end of the month.

I’m back on tracks with these 2 new releases and I’m stooooked !!



KINDLING test pressing, MONPLAISIR demo & MIHAI EDRISCH repress


This piece of plastic is the test pressing of the next Echo Canyon release and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Kindling ‘no generation’ 12″ coreleased with adagio830 here in Europe and released on tape on oldflamerecords in the US.
You will soon be able to preorder this gem to get a hand on a beautiful colored vinyl. Put some colors in your darkness like my buddy Seb Radix used to say used to say.
More infos sooooon !

The next release will be the pressing on 12″ of the Monplaisir demo… Monplaisir is a new local band featuring talented and super nice people such as Flo who also plays guitar in Sport. The vinyl mastering has just been done by my dear buddy Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and I will send it to the plant in the next couple of days.

Last but not least… I’ve been frequently asked about it but yes, I will repress Un Jour Sans Lendemain from Mihai Edrisch on LP next year. As soon as Kindling and Monplaisir 12″es will be out, this will be my next big project. I want to do something great, to bring justice to this  mindblowing release, that I will repress on LP for the first time since 2005 ! For those who never heard about them, Mihai Edrisch was a shortlived but truly unique band playing the most desperate and intense music the DIY scene in Lyon had ever known to this day. The band was made of an incredible lineup with Johan on vocals (who now sings and plays bass in Celeste), Benoit on drums (who also played drums in Daïtro, Baton Rouge and Ancre), Rémi (who stoped to play music after the band stoped but was by far one of the most unique guitar player I have ever seen) and Flo playing bass, who then played bass or guitar in numerous beloved local punk bands such as The Lost Boys, Lexomyl, Telecommande, Defaite and Pinku Saïdo.

More soon !
Get stoked