MONPLAISIR the agreement LP

hey friends

surprise ! we kept it secret a little bit but here it is, after the well received demo that I pressed on a 12″ 2 years ago, Monplaisir are back with a new album called ‘The Agreement’. With the pressing time production, expect this to be physically out by the end of the year, but you can now stream 2 songs off of this masterpiece right now.

I was actually supposed to put the label on hold after the Daitro ‘Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes’ re-releases but watching the band playing their new songs live a couple times in Lyon gave me no choice, I had to release this because it’s way TOO good.

Recorded in february 2018 at Mikrokosm (Baton Rouge, Thurston Moore Group), with Benoit Bel, then mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, this first LP is the result of months of hard work in their practcie space. Expect brillant guitar licks and layers, amazing driving bass lines and inventive drum patterns, as they did on their first effort, but with some magic added. Last but not least, beautiful vocals mostly recorded in one take. The sound of the LP is full of dynamics, space and sound. Something really happens on that record.

I think I can tell without any doubt that this is by far one of the best record I had the chance to put out with Echo Canyon. And to make it even more exciting, this LP is another great co-release with my good old buddy Robert from Adagio 830 in Berlin. Hope you’ll all be as enthusiastic as the band, Robert and I are about this one.

Preorders will come when the test pressings will be aproved.