ZONE INFINIE live at Grrrnd Zero cassette

hello friends.

I am stoked to announce you that the next Echo Canyon release is almost there and it’s a very special one : a live cassette from french punx favorite Zone Infinie, recorded in our beloved Grrrnd Zero by Bruno Germain in january 2020 ! This was a benefit show for the collective Justice & Verite for Mehdi : a collective asking for the truth about Mehdi’s death, killed after a car chase by the police on december 10th 2016 in Vénissieux. And more generally against police violences (which is more than never an up-to-date topic to be well aware of).

Back to the music, this release was decided before the pandemic, before punk shows became memories and this live recording is an awesome document for our inspiring local scene that cannot be missed. Zone Infinie (for those who don’t know them yet) is one of the best example of this new wave of french punk with unique vocals, stellar lyrics and heartfelt music. Some people find some Camera Silens inspiration, which is not too far from being true.

Judge by yourself on the link below where you can stream 2 songs (one is unreleased !).

Tapes will be « officially » on sept. 21st but you can preorder them right now if you wantAnd of course, listen to their other releases here

they have an upcoming 12″ on Destructure by the way !