ZONE INFINIE atomisés 12″ is out now !

hi friends

Today is Zone Infinie‘s Atomisés release day !! I’m so stoked to release this 12″ because they’ve been in my top 3 of my favorite French punk bands. The 6 songs cut on this 12″ are absolutely mindlowing and they’re the only band on this planet who can make a Mylene Farmer song sound cool.
Judge by yourself and listen to Génération Désenchantée (even though there are few chances you know who Mylene Farmer is if you’re not French but still… )

Zone Infinie is part of this new wave of French punk bands alongside Syndrome81, Litovsk, Traitre adding a modern touch to their punk influences such as La Souris Déglinguée or Camera Silens to name a few. If you speak French, you probably already have enjoyed the amazing lyrics Skub writes and his unique way of singing them. The guys have a strong and varied musical knowledge too, served by a political and countercultural activism here in Lyon, that make them a very special and talented band. Go to any of their shows to witness how much people love them and how diverse their audience is. Their shows are one of those rare places where punks, hardcore kids, antifa skins and other music afficionados come to feel they’re at the right place.

1000 copies pressed, 300 on a transparent magenta vinyl. This one is coreleased with General Strike in Brittany. 

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