SAVAK’s Rotting teeth in the horse’s mouth LP available !

Hey friends, I will help distribute our friends Savak’s super awesome 4th LP called Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth, out on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

If you’re not familiar with them yet, they play a well inspired indie post punk, with unbeatable hooks and great melodies. Some Devo, Wire or Mission Of Burma touches in it as well for your own pleasure.

They also played in Obits, Holy Fuck and The Cops for the connections… really amazing band, I recommend you to check them out !

get your copy here

This is a kind of a preorder because I’m not sure I’ll be able to send anything before may 11th because of the Covid !

new update on the shipments

hello friends

I am locked in at home since march 17th and couldn’t ship any foreign parcels yet. They’re prepared and ready to go though but I couldn’t go to the post office before being locked in and I have no access to them.

This will stay like this until at least may 11th.

Sorry about that but I guess you guys will all understand that I can’t really do more for the moment to send your orders out

I will keep you updated

thanks !

Daïtro Y LP shipments

A quick update about Daïtro Y LP preorders shipments. All the orders for France shipped on tuesday. Bigger parcels for distros / mailorders in Japan and other overseas places shipped on Tuesday as well. I’m still hesitating to send this last batch of preorders for people living in the USA / Canada / South America / Australia / New Zealand and other EU countries (I didn’t ship anything to Italy yet), I need to get some guarantees that packages won’t be sent back to me because of all the limitations in the transports or other limitations due to the coronavirus. So I / you will have to wait a little bit more to have them shipped out, sorry about that but I’m sure you’ll all understand

Daïtro ‘Y’ LP repress preorders

You can now preorder the repress of the last LP from French emorockers Daïtro called « Y », originally released in 2009. This repress is another labor of love since it is housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket, with an enveloppe comprising reproductions of show flyers, a mini poster of their last tour in 2008, a DL code and last but not least a booklet with notes about the recording and the lyrics. Also, first orders will get a beautiful transparent black colored vinyl.

Last but not least, one copy in the entire pressing has a winning coupon ! Thanks to this coupon, you will be able to get an original copy of the Daïtro / Sed Non Satiata split 12″ released in 2007 and never repressed and also 3 other records of your choice from the label. For Free !! Hope you’ll be the lucky winner

Also, I made special bundles with the last releases at a very cheap price so go and check them out on the mailorder page . With this bundle, you could get some of the last releases and you’ll get a surprise LP from the back catalogue of the label (either a Longings LP, Kindling 12″, Torino / Zero Gain split 12″ or Sed Non Satiata / Carrion Springs split 12″ that I will pick randomly. Well, if there is one among the 4 listed you really want to have, just let me know in the comment of your order).

Click on one of the image below to order your bundle

Cheers !


Faux Départ ‘vie ordinaire’ LP OUT NOW

hey friends

I’m stoked to announce that the FAUX DEPART ‘vie ordinaire’ LP is out now. Do yourself a favor and go and check them out. French punk rock at its best, with awesome hooks and great melodies. I’m in love with this one ! Get your copy now on the mailorder page

FAUX DEPART vie ordinaire LP preorder

hey friends

I am more than stoked to announce you a new release for the end of the month, it is the 2nd LP from local punk favorites Faux Départ ! If you never heard of them, they play some tight punk rock with some great LoFi 80s UK / Australian indie touches. It’s tight, it’s melodic and totally addictive. They’ve been the best example of what a punk-band-from-lyon can be at his best but with this new release, we reached a new point of awesomeness. And the guys have a VERY solid punk culture, they do awesome radio shows here and also do
To tell you the whole story, I know them for years and they asked me to work on the artwork with my buddy Benjamin Pic. They sent me an advanced mix to listen to and it was so good that I had to put it out.
It eventually ended in a great corelease with Destructure, Les Chœurs de L’Ennui, Collila, Tocsin and Mutant Records. 500 pressed on black vinyl, the records come with a lyric sheet.

listen to a first track here

Also, the other news is that a repress of Daïtro‘s second LP, is on the works. It will be a « deluxe » repress, housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with a booklet, reproduction of flyers and a small tour poster. There will be some limited colored vinyl as well.

Preorders should be up by the end of the month, expect a release in march.
More about it soon !

CONTRACTIONS demain est annulé LP preorder

hey friends

Preorders are up for Contractions LP « demain est annulé ».
All preorders will ship on sept. 23rd with band goodies.

Also, go on the mailorder page to check all the great bundles with demo tapes and shirts etc.

This record is a co-release between Adagio 830 and Purepainsugar but I’m in charge of the distribution of Purepainsugar copies.

About the record, we could say that making this LP was a HUGE work… A lot of time was spent with Bruno Germain recording / arranging / mixing it. Then it was sent to Mikey Young to get a top vinyl mastering and it sounds G-R-E-A-T ! Expect some good indie-punk-garage vibes, some 12 strings guitar licks, sometimes melodic bass lines, acoustic guitar overdubs, electric guitar riffs with a few solos and a lot of phaser pedals, maracas and tambourines arrangements, pounding drum patterns and last but not least melodic vocals AS MUCH IN TUNE AS I CAN DO (and also for the first time, Macst sweet backing vocals).

Surprise ! le livre de Seb Radix est dispo !

On l’a gardé secret ce projet pendant une bonne année et demi et on est pas peu fier ! Ouais c’est un bouquin, et pas un disque pour une fois. Un vrai régal, plein d’humour et d’anecdotes accompagnant chaque sélection.

Un beau boulot en collaboration avec Seb (évidemment) et Barbapop.
Recueil d’affiches, pochettes de disques, tshirts et autres…

Couvertures serigraphiée, 36 pages d’illustrations, de textes explicatifs ou anecdotes, du noir et blanc, de la couleur, des affiches de concerts, des t shirts, des pochettes de disques, des projets avortés par Sebastien Radix, musicien et graphiste / artiste (ce que vous voudrez) Lyonnais que vous avez forcément déjà croisé ou vu en concert.

Il y en a 200, ne tardez pas, c’est dispo depuis quelque jours et ça part comme des petits pains !

MONPLAISIR the Agreement is out !

Happy release day, Monplaisir ! « The Agreement » is out… So stoked to have this amazing record out. A true labour of love… Fans of Sonic Youth / Thurston Moore Group, Pavement and 90s indie, don’t miss that one ! For those who didn’t know, Monplaisir is made 2 members of Sport (Flo and Clement) but also Yohan and Pierre who are both amazing musicians. Recorded at Mikroksom Studio in Villeurbanne (Thurston Moore, Oiseaux Tempête, Baton Rouge), this LP puts the band on a higher level, combining their sonic explorations with amazing melodies and hooks.

350 copies on black vinyl including a booklet with lyrics and notes about the recording, coreleased with Adagio830.