SAVAK Human Error / Human Delight LP


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For fans of Devo, Husker Du, Wire, The Sounds
ATTENTION friends, you really have to check this LP out ! One of my fav that I’m stoked to distribute over here
our Brooklyn friends Savak (from Brooklyn) are back with a 4th LP and it’s a damn KILLER album !!!! Written during the pandemic, Savak took time to bring their sound into a darker, deeper and more introspective territories — especially on the side B ‘Human Delight’ filled with absolutely mind blowing songs such as Recanted, Adolescence Obsolete, Trashing the Ghost. On the side A you will find the Savak you already love with happier, sharp songs such as My Book On Siblings or the perfect popy gem called Empathy. The songwriting on that album is top notch and the recording and production are both excellent.

black viny housed in a fantastic tipon sleeve

Listen to it here

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