POGY & LES KEFARS dans ton retro LP repress



10 songs of short, upbeat, angular, and tightly played mix of French punk rock and Powerpop from Marseille !!

Originally released in the spring 2020 on Crapoulet / No Front Teeth & Bitume Rugueux, this new edition will come with an exclusive 10th song. Somewhere between punk and powerpop, mixing the best of 80s french punk, this LP is only made of angular hits, upbeats hooks and juvenile energy. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have seen them touring with @alvilda.band last spring to witness how good they are ? Check out their video of their hit « Dans Ma Parka » below to realize what we’re really talking about !
Coreleased with our friends Dangerhouse Skylab
available early February 2023 !


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Poids 350 g

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