THE SHIFTERS open vault 2xLP (Adagio 830)


The Shifters are from Melbourne. After releasing two stunning Full Lengths (one on Future Folklore, one on Trouble in Mind) and a few 7″ on Digital Regress, Captured Tracks, a split LP with Parsnip and more … This DLP collects a 25 songs of odds and ends, home recordings and more. All previously unreleased and those tunes show the wide range of Shifters greatness. Reminiscent of the Mekons, pastoral pop of ‘80s by Australian DIY legends like the PARTICLES and the CANNANES meeting VELVET UNDERGROUND-addled hazed anthems.

« The SHIFTERS’ stark, repetitive minimalism and shambolic charms always owed more than a little bit to the FALL in their early years, and revisiting the material from the cassette now after Mark E. Smith’s passing only reinforces the psychic connection between the lackadaisical post-punk twang in “Captain Hindsight” and the cracked melodies of something like the FALL’s “Your Heart Out” from the Dragnet era. » (maximum rock n roll)

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out on sept. 15th !

8 songs of amazing garage-death-punk written (mostly) by Charles from the San Diego based band Crocodiles while he was living in Lyon, with Flo, Antoine and Lester from the Horsebites as a dream backing band. What a great team ! Fans of the Wipers or The Estranged, you should check them out. I wasn’t supposed to release this but when Flo played me the recordings, I just fell in love with those songs instantly and insist to release them on a 12″. And here you go ! With an amazing arwtork by Jonathan Florez and a beautiful transparent red vinyl. Only 200 copies are pressed so don’t sleep on it !!

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