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500 copies on transparent blue vinyl (may 2010 – sold out)
500 copies on transparent deep sea blue vinyl (october 2011 – sold out)
split release with Adagio 830 and Protagonist (USA)
500 CDs (echo canyon release only)

the long awaited s/t LP from the nicest french emopostrock band is out now. We’ve been talking about it for years and hardly believe now it’s done and ready to be distributed. The result is 5 tracks of epic, dissonant, brutal yet beautiful music. An essential factor in what makes this album such a masterpiece is the way it is recorded and mixed. The guitars intertwine, the bass is thick, the drums pound away. Then the vocals enter, abrupt yet most certainly powerful. The emotion behind the singer’s voice is undeniable, as he screams and yelps his way over equally dissonant duel guitar work. Another defining factor is the dual guitar interplay, much like the defining dual guitar work of obvious influence Envy. The way the instrumental section works together so perfectly, how everything is layered so perfectly and how the vocals fit the music so perfectly, as if battling with the instrumental prowess yet simultaneously complimenting the music so well. all copies come in dark blue vinyl. 500 copies in total this is a corelease with Protagonist for the US distribution and Adagio 830 for Europe !