RED GLOVES twelve headaches b/w I’m off for the ditch 7″


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500 copies
march 2014
split release with a lot of other labels

RED GLOVES new 7″ single contain at least one mega hit called « Twelve Headache ». That song has its place in the list of the songs you wish you’d be able to write one day with your band. The band is from Besançon, FR and started as a side project of The Irradiates and Jack & The Bearded Fisherman but quickly became more serious than they expected. Simply because great songs and great feedbacks pop up. Fans of Hot Snakes / Samiam or The Get Up Kids will be pleased. A perfect blend of indie, punkrock and old school emo. 500 copies pressed on black vinyl, coreleased with Impure Muzik, Emergence, GPS, Slow Death and Some Produkt.

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