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12XU is a three piece band from Lyon, France who formed in 2009. 12XU features members of Daitro, Baton Rogue, Torino, and Veuve SS. 12XU play a stripped down, driving, discordant, and angular style of music that combines equal parts punk, emo, and garage rock into a style of music that’s impossible to ignore. Influences can be said to include bands like Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, The Minutemen, and Fugazi. On Largue Les Amarres is the band’s latest and sadly, last LP, which was released on Stonehenge records.

On Largue Les Amarres compiles 12XU’s singles series, songs from their two split 7″s with Old Growth and Abject Object, as well as two unreleased songs. Overall, this release is amazing and should appeal to fans of punk, emo, and garage rock. Highly recommended! Enjoy!

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